QuizUp is the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile trivia game. In the game, a player can compete against each other in timed competitions with over 300,000 questions covering 500 topics.

Developed by Iceland-based Plain Vanilla Games, the app hit 1 million downloads within the first week of its launch on November 2013. Thanks to the success of its global expansion plans with the help of OneSky, QuizUp has acquired over 20 million users as of July 2014, with most of the growth coming from international markets.


Mobile Trivia Game

Translation Method:

Professional translation service + crowdsourced translation (selected users only)

OneSky customer since:

March 2014

The Challenge

Having an awesome app that has gained so much traction, one challenge that Plain Vanilla Games faces is how to keep that growth. To continue growing its user-base at a fast pace, expanding into international markets is the strategy to go and localization becomes a crucial part in reaching out to users whose first language is not English.

To attract more international users, other than app description and in-app text, Plain Vanilla Games also needs to keep the QuizUp website and help-desk articles multilingual to ensure the smoothest user-experience. As these contents are all written in different file formats and stored on different platforms, what Plain Vanilla Games needs is a solution that can help them manage the localization process efficiently. Especially with their agile development environment, managing frequent incremental updates can be really cumbersome without a good tool in place.

Since questions inside the QuizUp app are all contributed by users, Plain Vanilla Games also wants to include their users in the localization process where users can suggest, vote for and review translations. So they needs a solution that the provides the option to combine professional translation service and crowdsourced translation so that they can rely on professionals for the core app UI and help documents while engaging users in localizing the questions.

OneSky Solution

With OneSky’s extensive scope of integrations, Plain Vanilla Games can easily translate various kinds of content, including app description, in-app text of their iOS and Android apps, website and help-desk articles, into different languages. Our integrations allow easy import and export for a wide range of file formats. For examples, for their in-app text, they simply need to upload their resource files (e.g. .strings, .xml) and our system can automatically parse the file to extract the human readable text. Our rich API also allows Plain Vanilla Games to minimize the human effort needed in the process.

OneSky also makes it very easy for Plain Vanilla Games to manage their updates. Simply by importing their updated resource files, our system can automatically detect which phrases were updated and Plain Vanilla Games can easily send out translation orders that include only the updated content with just a few clicks.

As their non-English user community becomes more mature, Plain Vanilla Games can also invite their loyal users to contribute easily using OneSky online translation collaboration tool. For examples, users can suggest translations that they believe would be attractive to other users and can also vote for their favourite translations.

The Results

By using OneSky translation management platform, Plain Vanilla Games was able to save significant amount of engineering efforts in the localization process and was able to launch 5 language versions in less than 2 months.

QuizUp localization project has been a huge success. In just 7 months after its launch, QuizUp passed 20 million users, with most of the growth coming from international users.

Reasons Plain Vanilla Games loves using OneSky include:

Comprehensive integrations with extensive file format support

OneSky supports more than 30 file formats and offers a wide range of integrations that make it easy to import/export text from/to different platforms. This helps Plain Vanilla Games save a lot of engineering efforts so that their engineers can focus on developing the product itself.

Easy to combine professional translation service & crowdsourced translation

OneSky is designed in such a way that one can easily switch between professional translation service and crowdsourced translation. Using OneSky, Plain Vanilla Games has the flexibility to order professional translation for official documents such as community guide and to have some of their game content translated by their loyal users.

High quality translations by professional translators

Plain Vanilla Games is impressed by the professionalism of OneSky translators. All OneSky translators are native in their target language and very experienced in the field. In order to produce the best results, translators really played through the game before starting the translation to familiarize themselves with the game. Powered by OneSky’s easy-to-use communication tool, translators can also communicate with Plain Vanilla Games closely during the translation process to craft the best translations.

When translating QuizUp to 5 new languages, we used OneSky translation service with great results! They were extremely helpful and quick at resolving any issues that came up.
  • Guðfinnur Sveinsson Head of QA, Plain Vanilla Games

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