TrekkSoft Ltd is a software solution that enables tour and activity operators worldwide to set-up an online booking and rental system and effectively manage and market their bookings from any device. With TrekkSoft Ltd, tour operators find a new sense of freedom with the infrastructure to scale-up successfully and receive support from a Swiss-based team.
Industry: Tourism
Translation Method: Crowdsourced Translation
OneSky customer since: May 2012
Previous Translation Solution: Tried 2 other translation platforms briefly

The Challenge

TrekkSoft Ltd. is a company from Switzerland. Locating in this European country with 4 official languages and having customers internationally, TrekkSoft Ltd. has never considered localization as a question but a necessity. Being a bootstrapped startup without a huge budget for translations, TrekkSoft Ltd. decided to leverage its passionate customer base to help translate its app. But having a big app that was constantly evolving, it was very hard to manage all the translations and to monitor who has to translate what without the right tool. Thus, TrekkSoft Ltd. began to look for a solution that could help streamline the translation management process. Before using OneSky, TrekkSoft Ltd. had tried two other solutions but decided not to go for them because one product was too expensive for their needs as a startup and the other one was too complicated to use from a user experience perspective.

OneSky Solution

Using OneSky, setting up and managing your translation project is simple. In TrekkSoft Ltd.’s case, they have chosen to integrate with our API to automate the process. After integrating with our API, whenever TrekkSoft Ltd. has any new and updated phrases, those phrases will be imported to OneSky automatically. Translators participating in the project will be informed automatically for the changes and they can then translate the content using our web-based translation tool. When the translations are updated, TrekkSoft Ltd. can get the most updated translations from API automatically and update their app accordingly.

The Results

With the help of OneSky, TrekkSoft Ltd. is now serving customers from 125 different countries in more than 13 languages and is constantly adding more languages as the company continues to grow internationally.

Reasons TrekkSoft loves using OneSky include:

API to automate the process

TrekkSoft is a big app that is constantly evolving. Through the API integration and syncing process, TrekkSoft Ltd. can translate and update their software easily on a constant basis, keeping up with their agile development process.

Simple-to-use user interface

With our simple-to-use user interface, TrekkSoft Ltd. can get their staff and volunteered customers involved in the translation process easily without having to spend much time educating them how to use the product.

Fast and responsive customer support

At OneSky, we are committed to providing quick response to questions and improving our product constantly to enhance customer experience. This kind of dedication is simply one of the reasons why TrekkSoft Ltd. enjoys working with OneSky.
OneSky helped us set up a system to manage our internationalization easily. This set the base for us to scale up and go big.
  • Valentin Binnendijk CTO & Co-founder, TrekkSoft

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