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Translation Method:

Crowdsourced Translation

OneSky customer since:

September 2013

Previous Translation Solution:

Internally built translation management system

The Challenge

Edmodo’s social learning network connects over 28 million teachers and students globally. While getting increasingly popular in many non–English speaking countries, localization has become a high priority of Edmodo to support its international growth.

With the goal to crowdsource its localization and invite its large base of international users to help translate, Edmodo tried to build an internal system to manage the crowdsourced translation process. However, the internally built system turned out to be rather cumbersome and was not getting the traction that Edmodo wanted.

OneSky Solution

While looking for solutions to improve their crowdsourced translation process, Edmodo stumbled across OneSky and realized how easy it could be to run a crowdsourced translation project using OneSky.

With OneSky’s extensive tech file format support, Edmodo only needed to upload their resource files and our system could automatically parse the files to extract the human readable text. Their volunteers could then translate easily using our easy–to–use online translation collaboration tool.

The Results

By using OneSky translation management platform, Edmodo’s localization project has been a huge success. Not only did OneSky help to save more than 99% of Edmodo’s engineering effort, in only a matter of days, Edmodo saw one of their most important markets went from 0% to 90% translated!

With the help of OneSky, Edmodo has increased the reach of their product by 4X in just two months!

Reasons Edmodo loves using OneSky include:

Huge savings of engineering effort

Edmodo estimated that if they were to improve their internal translation tool, it would have required several engineers working full-time for 4 weeks just to get a very rudimentary beta version. However, by using OneSky, it only took one engineer a few hours for the whole localization process.

Easy–to–use translation interface

Edmodo has lots of international users willing to provide translations for free but the old tool they built internally was just cumbersome that discouraged volunteers from contributing. On the contrary, OneSky’s web–based translation editor is much easier to use and has been well received by their volunteers.

Sophisticated admin features

Using OneSky, Edmodo can easily restrict access to trusted users only. OneSky’s sophisticated monitoring tool also makes it easy for Edmodo to track the contribution of each translator so they can recognize and promote reliable translators.

From the day we started using OneSky, the support was amazing. We were assigned an account manager. When we found a technical difficulty one day, we got a same–day response from their engineer.

This kind of responsiveness has characterized our collaboration with OneSky. They have been quick to respond to questions, fix bugs, and add features according to our needs.

  • Doug Banks Director of Edmodo Apps

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