Website Localization

Best Two Tools to Build a Global-Minded Website

Your company is starting to gain traction overseas, and you’re ready to localize your website. We have good news for you: there are only two tools that you should be focusing on right now.

Tool #1: A Good Team

You already have most of your team in place. But for website localization, you will need to find translators who understand the target country, understand the localization process, and understand your mission. Here at OneSky, we contract with translators who are localization experts, because they bring three things to the process:

Tool #2: A Good Platform

The second tool is a good translation management system (TMS). A TMS is, in effect, a number of web localization tools, all rolled into one. The platform will be where you upload your strings for translation, but you’ll also be able to share quality assurance materials and communicate more effectively with your translators and the rest of your team. Some of the main features of a TMS are:

Unlike most TMS out there, the OneSky platform supports all formats. So, no matter what format your website uses, you can get started today.

OneSky is trusted by some of the most globally successful apps, games, and websites worldwide, including Hootsuite, Intercom, and Soundhound.

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