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Use a Translation Memory (TM) Tool for Fast, Efficient Translations

What is Translation Memory (TM)?

The traditional translation workflow—where someone sits at a computer, inserting the translated text next to original language in a word document or spreadsheet—is slowly becoming a thing of the past.
There are a variety of new challenges facing the majority of professional translators nowadays: complex workflows in mobile app, games, and website translations, dealing with code and internationalization, repeating their work with large chunks of text or niche terminology.

Luckily, there are exciting tools being developed to help translators deal specifically with these issues. Never have translation tools been more powerful in helping translators speed up their workflow, avoid redundant work, and be able to deliver high-quality work.

Translation Memory (TM) is one of the best tools for automating your workflow and increasing efficiency in any translation project.

It is a easy-to-use and powerful database feature that is offered in Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools or a translation management system (TMS) like OneSky’s.

Here’s how it works:

1. Easy set up with multiple Translation Memory sets.

Import multiple TM sets in Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) file format.

2. Our system will automate translations.

When using our translation tool, if your translators encounter a phrase that’s similar to existing ones from TM sets or other OneSky projects, our tool will suggest translations you’ve used before based on content match to reduce repeated work.

The top benefits of using the Translation Memory tool are:

Using powerful tools like Translation Memory, OneSky users can save up to 50% time and cost on their app translation and localization. Sign up for a free account today and see for yourself.
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