Translation Management Platform

5 Reasons You Need a Translation Management Platform

What’s a translation management system (TMS)?

Translation is your ticket to the world, but the world moves fast these days. For a successful and timely localization project to work, you need to stay focused and stay organized. And, for that, there’s no better platform than a translation management system (TMS).

A TMS allows you to manage every step of the localization process with time-saving features such as:

1. Automated key steps.

With a TMS, you’re able to automatically import and export resource files, so your engineers and translators can work faster. The system will also send automatic notifications when new strings are available, or the translation is ready to be plugged back into the source code.

2. Communication platforms.

In addition to sending notifications, our TMS facilitates private messaging and group voting. Since translators can also see each other’s progress, the platform fosters collaboration, whether you’re working with experts or crowdsourcing the project.

3. Quality assurance capabilities.

To ensure high-quality translations, you need to share the context. OneSky’s platform has a spot for a glossary, screenshots, and other reference materials, so you can establish keywords and the correct tone from the beginning. Our TMS also comes with placeholder validation, length limits, and other quality assurance features that prevent problems down the line.

4. Duplication controls.

When you update your app, it’s unlikely that all the content has been changed. A TMS will identify which sections of your updated content are truly new, and earmark only these for translation.

5. Translation memory

A platform’s translation memory allows for both adaptability and agility. With a TMS, you can easily repurpose content for different formats, so an iOS app translation, for example, can be leveraged to help quickly complete your Android app localization project.

OneSky is trusted by some of the most globally successful apps, games, and websites worldwide, including Hootsuite, Intercom, and Soundhound.

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