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What online translation tool? I can do it by myself.

You might be thinking this as you read this right now. But localization is a complicated process, and there are a lot of ways that you can tackle it—or get tripped up by it!

If you’re part of a game startup with a small but loyal fan base, perhaps you’ll want to crowdsource the translation. If you manage a well-established app with a high revenue stream, you may choose to hire professional game translators. (In fact, we have an in-house team you can use.)

Whichever route you choose to take, you need the right translation tool. That’s where the translation management system (TMS) comes in. A TMS is, effectively, a number of online translation tools rolled into one:

1. Text extractor.

All you have to do is upload your resource files. Our system will then parse them for you, flagging the relevant parts for translation. If this is an update, and you are keeping some of the old content, the TMS will automatically recognize all repeated text, and send only the new content out for translation.

2. Translation memory.

Our translation tool includes a translation memory, which stores translated phrases and displays them when similar text appears. Not only does this tool shave off time for your translators, but it facilitates more consistent translation.

3. Quality assurance tool.

Successful localization requires clear communication with your translators, to ensure they understand your product’s audience, brand, and mission. A good TMS will allow you to share a glossary of key company terms and screenshots, so you can clearly indicate the context of complicated phrases.

4. Messaging system.

One of the most important features of a good online translation tool like the TMS is that it can facilitate all of your project team’s communication, from private messaging to group voting. And some of that communication is done automatically—the TMS can trigger notifications for you and your team when new strings are ready, content is translated, and at other key stages of the process.

Why a smart online translation tool is necessary

When it comes to localization, organization is key. By having all your translation tools integrated into a single platform, you can easily monitor the progress of your project, and respond quickly to any changes.

Localization might not be simple, but it can be painless.

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