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4 Qualities Top Localization Software Must Have

What’s localization software and why’re they crucial to translation projects?

Unless you have a photographic memory and superhuman organization skills, localization is a big task to take on.

You’re constantly dealing with a number of different stakeholders, from the engineers who are preparing your code for localization to the translators who are working directly with the text, and you have to make sure they’re all communicating with each other.

If the newly localized content is difficult to plug back into the source code, the translators need to be told. And if the translators have a question about a term, they have to know who to ask.

Luckily, there’s localization software that can help smooth out the process, and ensure that all the stakeholders are working on time, on task, and together. It’s called a translation management system (TMS), and it streamlines the entire process. Here’s how:

1. Automation.

The software will automate multiple steps, from the importing of resource files to the sending of notifications triggered by certain points in the workflow. As content is uploaded, the TMS will also flag duplicate or similar text, so your translations stay consistent.

2. Communication.

Our TMS has private messaging capabilities, as well as group voting for particularly tricky translations. Since all your translators are working on the same platform, they can also easily see each other’s work, which helps keep everyone on the same page.

3. Context.

In order for translators to produce the best possible results, they need to understand your company’s tone and how their work fits into your broader mission. OneSky’s localization software allows you to upload a glossary with key terms, as well as screenshots and comments on specific phrases.

4. Organization.

Emails get lost, and spreadsheets get complicated. By having the entire localization process contained within a single platform, you can easily monitor the project and stay responsive to any issues that may arise.

The best TMS localization software tools save you from extra work

Once that first project is done, you’ll find that localization software continues to have advantages. A good TMS makes it easy to repurpose your content for different platforms and channels, and will recognize similar content so that you’re not paying to have the same thing translated twice.

As your product grows and develops, a TMS ensures that localization is an effective part of your toolkit—with minimal effort on your part.

OneSky users save up to 50% time and money on their app translation and localization process. Try our tool for free today and see for yourself.
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