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2x Your Translation Efficiency with a Localization Platform

What’s the point of a localization platform?

Running a localization project without a localization platform can be daunting.

It’s a complicated and detail-driven process that requires your whole team, from software engineers to translators to marketers, to work together seamlessly.

To be successful, the localization has to be accurate, on message, and consistent. And the faster you get it done, the sooner localization will pay off.

Luckily, a good translation management system (or TMS) can help you accomplish all of it. A TMS is a localization platform that keeps you both organized and on schedule through a set of integrated tools. At every step of the localization process, you’ll find that a TMS cuts the project time down significantly:

1. Upload your files.

A TMS not only allows you to automatically import (and export) resource files. You can also get your localization platform to set up triggered notifications, so your translators will know instantly that there is new content for them.

2. Translate directly on the platform.

Our localization platform is structured so that you’re able to easily share information about your product through glossaries, screenshots, reference materials, and even descriptive notes on specific phrases. The more context your translators have up front, the fewer revisions you’ll have to go through.

3. Communicate with your translators on the localization platform.

A translator has a question? She can communicate with you directly on the localization platform using the private messaging feature. For tricky localization questions, you can also enable group voting, to ensure you’re getting the best possible answer.

4. Update your translations seamlessly.

When you update your app, you’re not updating every word. A good localization platform will recognize any duplication, and earmark only the new content for translation.


And it gets better with future localization projects. OneSky’s TMS localization platform features a translation memory, which stores the final translations for each phrase, and then pulls them up whenever a similar phrase appears. You can even migrate and reuse your translations across platforms, after some minimal editing.

OneSky is trusted by some of the most globally successful apps, games, and websites worldwide, including Hootsuite, Intercom, and Soundhound.

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