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Hire Specialized Game Translators for Your Localization

Game localization is a complex project, and you want to go into it with the best team possible. Some companies choose to crowdsource their game translations, which does have its advantages—but, here at OneSky, we recommend that you hire experienced game translators, who live in the target markets. Here’s what these expert translators bring to the table and why they’re worth the extra effort:

1. Familiarity.

For localization to be effective, it’s not enough to just translate the words. Concepts often have to be translated as well. Specialized game translators are familiar with gaming culture in the target language, and will work to understand your game at a deep level, and align your game with these norms.

2. Knowledge.

Communication is key to localization. It’s best to work with game translators who are already familiar with the terminology of mobile games, to ensure that you can communicate with each other easily, clearly, and effectively. Spending time on explaining what clicker/idle games are to a translator with no gaming experience or interest is a waste of your resources.

3. Skill.

A localization mistake can be minor, or it can be disastrous. Experienced game translators have already proven themselves, and will provide the best translations possible.

OneSky carefully vets all of our game translators, so you are guaranteed to be working with specialists.

Since we’ve worked with them before, we know they’re also experts in using our translation management system (TMS), which helps you maximize the advantages of using experienced translators for your game localization.

How does OneSky game translation work?

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