Automated Translation

3 Benefits of a Seamless Automated Translation Process

How can you automate translations?

Everyone’s talking about automation these days, but how can you automate something like translation that requires a human touch? We’ve all seen those embarrassing photos of poor Google translations plastered in foreign countries. Machine translations aren’t always up to standard, and if you don’t speak the translated language, there is no way of knowing whether your translations are great or inappropriate!

As you break into new markets, you need to make sure your company branding reads well across different languages. This can be an overwhelming task—but luckily, there’s a tool that can help you automate your translation process and ensure that you can deliver continuous localization.

Introducing… the translation management system (TMS) tool.

How a TMS helps you with seamless localization

A TMS is a one-stop translation and localization platform, where you can keep track of your goals, communicate directly with your website translators and your localization team, and reduce inefficiencies in all your projects.

The best part? Special features for automating your translations. Here are some ways that our TMS can do that for you:

1. Detect duplication and reduce inefficiencies.

A TMS uses translation memory (TM) to store previously localized phrases, and then display them when translators are working with similar content. Similarly, as you upload any subsequent text updates into the system, the TMS will recognize which content has not changed, and notify translators only of the new pieces for translation.

2. Send notifications.

Our TMS will notify you at key stages of the process, so you can ensure your localization projects hit all your important deadlines. The platform also allows for more personal communication, including private messaging, group voting, and commenting.

3. Provide information for QA.

The more context you share with your translators, the better the results will be. A TMS like OneSky’s allows you to upload a glossary from Excel, and makes it easy to share relevant screenshots paired with the strings to be translated.

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