We are happy to announce that with our recent addition of Klingon language, our translation platform now supports 200+ earthly and galactic languages! Tapping into the galaxy is made easy.


Bring your app to the galaxy

Why limit your app sales to just one planet? Following Moore’s law, it is not hard to believe that space exploration technology will become mature very soon. While your app might be globally ready, it might not be universally ready. It is critical to make your app comprehensible to extraterrestrial users. Klingon is the next big thing after uber-for-everything and augmented reality.

Here are several reasons why localizing your product into Klingon is awesome.

  • Huge market. Qo’noS, the homeworld of Klingon species and the capital planet of the Klingon Empire, consists of an enormous, tech-savvy Klingon population. Get ready for our first visit in 2115!
  • Low competition. Currently, there are only a few apps available in Klingon in app stores. Localize early, and get an unfair disadvantage outside Earth.
  • Respect Klingon, speak Klingon. Klingons are a proud, tradition-bound people who valued honor more to life. Localizing your app into their native language is the way to express respect and win their hearts.

Translating into Klingon is easy

Adding Klingon language to your OneSky project is super easy. At the final step of creating a translation project, you may search for Klingon and add the language pair to your project. If you want to add Klingon to your existing OneSky project, simply go to language dashboard and add Klingon language.

After adding Klingon language to your OneSky project, you might invite your Klingon translator as collaborator by entering his or her contact email.

After confirming invitation, your Klingon translator can work on the translation by using our web-based editor.

(Please note that plqaD script is not supported currently, so you have to translate in Latin script for now. We will help you convert the translations into plqaD once we support the script.)

After finishing the translation, plug the files into your app via our API. And then, it’s the time for your galactic expansion!

On-demand Klingon translation service (coming soon)

While we only support Klingon for in-house (you have your Klingon translators), crowdsourcing and machine options, we will launch Klingon translation services very soon. Stay tuned by subscribing to our blog.

If you are a native Klingon translator specialized in English to Klingon mobile app & game translation, please join our translator team. We offer competitive package, including Home Brew Bloodwine!

Qapla’ (Success in Klingon)!


Trusted by hundreds of games (that might go galactic very soon)

  • Battle Bears Gold
  • Cavemania
  • Chicken Boy
  • City Island
  • Heroes Charge
  • HonorBound
  • OMG: TD!
  • Warhammer Quest