Freshdesk is one of the fastest growing customer support solutions in the SaaS space. Freshdesk allows companies to provide multi–channel support via phone, email, chat, website, Twitter, Facebook and mobile apps.


Customer service solutions

Translation Method:

Professional translation service + crowdsourced translation (selected users only)

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September 2012

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Other translation vendors

The Challenge

Freshdesk is one of the fastest growing customer support solutions with more than 14,000 customers in 118 different countries. As more and more users expressed their desire to have localized versions of the product (some even offered to help translate!), Freshdesk decided to invest in localization and started to look for a suitable tool where they could combine professional translation service and crowdsourced translation.

Before using OneSky, Freshdesk had tried several other translation platforms but decided not to go for them due to the following issues:

  • Some only allow you to order translation service without a TMS (i.e. no translation management features)
  • Some offer both professional translation service and a TMS but are very expensive
  • Some support crowdsourced translation but can‘t limit access to selected users only
  • Some support crowdsourced translation but doesn‘t provide the option to have the translations reviewed by professionals

OneSky Solution

With the belief that “users know your product best”, Freshdesk really wanted to involve their customers and partners in the localization process. But at the same time, Freshdesk also wanted to have the flexibility of getting professional translators involved when needed.

Knowing that at OneSky, one can easily combine professional translation service and crowdsourced translation, Freshdesk decided that OneSky was the solution to go for.

The Results

By combining crowdsourced translation and OneSky professional translation service, Freshdesk was able to translate its product into 5 languages in less than 2 weeks. Seeing the positive feedback from their customers, Freshdesk gradually expanded their language coverage and their product is now available in 25 languages!

And with the help of OneSky online translation collaboration tool, over 250 active users of Freshdesk are now participating in their translation project to keep translations up–to–date as Freshdesk continues to introduce cool new features!

Reasons Freshdesk loves using OneSky include:

Incredibly easy to get their customers and internal team involved

Using OneSky, Freshdesk simply needs to invite their users by email and they can start to translate using our online translation tool immediately. With our voting mechanism, Freshdesk‘s staff can also review and vote for their favorite translations easily.

Able to limit access to selected users only

At OneSky, Freshdesk can easily restrict access to their most vocal users only. This can ensure that only users who have in–depth knowledge about their product would be involved in the localization process.

Easy to combine professional translation service & crowdsourced translation

Onesky is designed in such a way that one can easily switch between professional translation service and crowdsourced translation. Using OneSky, Freshdesk has the flexibility to order professional translation for urgent translations and to have their crowdsourced translations reviewed by professionals when needed.

OneSky makes it incredibly easy to collaborate with our customers for localization. We input email addresses and voilà – they can instantly start working on translating Freshdesk.
  • Shihab Muhammed Product Manager, Freshdesk

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