OneSky is a simple, effective and high quality alternative to Transifex.


How do you deal with localization: in-house or through outsourcing?

For outsourcers…

We have our own global translator network

Transifex does not have their own network of professional translators. Instead, they only outsource all of their translation to another agency such as Gengo (View the comparison between Gengo and OneSky).

By having our own network of professional translators, we have much more control over the translation quality. Plus, we can maintain a transparent workflow, and we are able to offer integrated services.

High translation quality

Recruiting professional translators

Our translators are bilingual, professional translators who are native speakers of the target language. All our translators pass a credential check, and a standard human-reviewed test that is evaluated by our senior translators.

QA features to empower translators

Instead of using third-party translation software, our translators work on your translation project using OneSky’s translation tool. Our tool offers quality assurance features, such as placeholder validation, a glossary and screenshots, to ensure that translators can produce the best quality translation.

Regular monitoring by senior translators

Our senior translators have deep industry expertise. They can guide translators in less senior roles, and they oversee our quality assurance process. We use a multi-stage interview process and a careful evaluation of a translator’s experiences before granting any translator a senior role.

Our translations are regularly screened by senior translators. The screening process ensures that the translation meets the client’s quality requirement.

Transparent, customizable workflow

Our work process is more transparent because we are in control of our translator network. Using our communication tool, you will be able to view the expected delivery time and communicate with our translators easily.
We are also able to customize our workflow on request. For instance, we can reserve the translators you prefer, and make sure that your projects are handled by those selected translators.

More than translation. Our value-added services.

With such high flexibility, we can deliver value-added services that go beyond simply translation. These extra services ensure that your product’s global launch success.

Worried about which materials are needed to kick off a project? Our internationalization manager is able to help you through the whole process. And our on-device localization testing service will make sure that the translations fit the UI layout on actual devices.

Scroll down or click here to read more about how OneSky’s features compare to Transifex.

For managing your own translators…

We handle the complete translation process

Translation is not just a one-off effort. Any translation project has multiple stages-and then you have to deal with updates.

While Transifex can help you get files translated, OneSky covers your back at each stage of translation. Here’s how it works.

We make project planning and preparing reference materialsr easier than ever

Before kicking off a translation project, you need to make a strategy, set guidelines and prepare reference materials for translators.

We understand how daunting that process can be, so we made the workflow simpler than ever before.



Our localization experts will look through your product and recommend the best localization approaches for you, with a full report in a pdf format. Curious? Request a free consultation service.

Autoscreenshot widget

Auto-screenshot plugin

With screenshots of your product, translators have the context they give you top-notch work. At OneSky, we save much of the effort required. Just install our auto-screenshot plugin to your .sdk file, and you can send any screenshot with just a single click. Strings will automatically match up with screenshots on our platform.

Glossary and style guide

Glossary and style guide

Our easy-to-use glossary and style guide allows you to give instructions for translators easily.

We make managing translation and in-house translators easier than ever

Our translation management features prevent localization from becoming a burden on your busy schedule.

Project Dashboard

Monitor translations easily

OneSky’s information-rich dashboard details the progress of your translation projects. Easily view key statistics, such as percentage of words translated vs. percentage approved.

Communicate effectively

Our translation management platform lets managers participate in a group-forum at the project level, comment on indiviudal strings, and send private messages to individual translators. Our communication tool allows your team to collaborate easily, enhancing the quality of the final product.

Translation tool

Translate well

Our translation tool allow your collaborators to do their translations online, with no hassle. Boost quality and productivity with our advanced features such as placeholder validation and translation memory. Try it now!

We make managing feedbacks and maintaining updates easier than ever

Even when your translations are done, your project isn’t finished. Check out our features that help you implement and automate the workflow, and manage translation updates easily.



Our API allows you to integrate translation work with your existing CMS and development tools, automating the the workflow.


Integrated with 20+ services

We are integrated with 20+ popular platforms and services to make your translation process as seamless as possible. Popular integrations include Github, iTunes, Google Play, WordPress, and Facebook. Forget about all that manual uploading and downloading!

App Store Integrations

Continuous QA measures

Worried about the translation quality? Try our on-device localization testing service to make sure everything looks good on actual devices.





Management and QA Features
Translation tool
Team communication
Translation memory
Placeholder validation
Auto screenshot
Feedback Beta
Intergrate to App Store
Intergrate to Google Play
Translation Service*
Languages covered N/A N/A 47
Translation N/A N/A
Review N/A N/A
Specialist N/A N/A
On-device localization testing
Account manager
Consultation Free

*Both Transifex and Crowdin outsource translations to third party translation agencies. View our difference with their translation agencies such as Gengo and One Hour Translation.

View the file formats that we support.


For managing your own translators…

Transifex: more updates, higher price

At Transifex, you have to pay a monthly fee to keep your projects private, even if you just want to order a professional translation service through them. And the cost of using their translation management platform gets higher as you add more phrases.

OneSky: unlimited phrases for the same price

At OneSky, you don’t have to worry when your product contains more phrases.

OneSky is free to use for public projects, with an unlimited word count. For private projects, we are free for the first five collaborators; we charge for additional users. Add US$99/month for up to 25 users, or $299/month for up to 100.

Learn more about the differences between private and public projects.

For outsourcers…

Save your subscription fee at OneSky

At Transifex, you have to pay a monthly fee to use their platform—on top of the fee of translation service. At OneSky, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee if you only order professional translation services from us. You just need to pay the per-word price for translation.

Here are the key comparisons:




Word User Platform Subscription Fee*
2k words
(200 strings)
5 $19/mo $19/mo Free
2k words
(200 strings)
20 $19/mo $19/mo $99/mo
60k words
(5000 strings)
5 $150/mo $299/mo Free
60k words
(5000 strings)
20 $150/mo $299/mo $99/mo

*Translation fee is excluded. You still have to pay per-word price on top of the subscription fee if you want to outsource translations.

Check out our pricing page for more details.


Existing Transifex customers? Contact us and we will help migrate your project to OneSky.

“We first used OneSky to translate our app description and were amazed by the quick turnaround. With their convenient solution, we’ll continue to use OneSky for future translations.”

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