OneSky is a simple, effective and quality alternative to Smartling.

We’ve our own global translator network

At Smartling, they do not have their own network of professional translators. Instead, they are only outsourcing the translation to another agency.

By having our own network of professional translators, we have much better control over the translation quality, maintain a transparent workflow and are able to offer integrated services.

High translation quality

Recruiting professional translators

Our translators are bilingual professional translators who are native in the target language. All our translators pass a credential check, and a standard human-reviewed test that is evaluated our senior translators.

QA features to empower translators

Instead of working on third party translation software, our translators work on your translation project using OneSky translation tool. Our tool offers quality assurance features, such as placeholder validation, glossary and screenshots, to ensure that translators can produce the best quality translation.

Our translators will receive training in using OneSky translation tool

Regularly monitored by senior translators

Our senior translators have deeper industry expertise, and are able to guide translators in less senior role to follow our quality assurance process. We use a multi-stage interview process and a careful evaluation of a translator’s experience before granting our translator a senior role.

Translations done by our translators are regularly screened by senior translators. The checking ensure that the translation meets the client’s quality requirement.

Transparent, customizable workflow

Our work process is more transparent since we are in control of our translator network. You are able to view the delivery time and communicate with our translators easily, by using our communication tool.
We are also able to customize our workflow on request. For instance, we can reserve the translators you prefer, and make sure that your projects are handled by the selected translators.

Not just translate. Our value-added services.

With such high flexibility, we can deliver value-added services beyond simply translation that can ensure your product’s global launch success.

Worry about what materials are needed to kick off a project? Our internationalization manager is able to help you through the whole process. Our on-device localization testing service can make sure that the translations fit the ui layout on actual devices.

Our value-added services include:

  1. Free consultation service
  2. Proofreading
  3. Specialist translation (for gaming and finance)
  4. On-device localization testing

We are more cost-effective

Smartling: high monthly subscription fee

At Smartling, you have to pay a monthly fee to use their platform on top of the fee of translation service. And the cost of using their translation management platform goes higher as you add more phrases.

OneSky: pay-as-you-go model, free-to-use platform

At OneSky, you do not have to pay a monthly fee if you only order professional translation service from us. You only need to pay the per-word price for translation. Even if you want to include your in-house reviewer to evaluate the translation quality. You can invite up to 5 users for free and 25 users for $99/mo.

Check out our pricing page for more details.


Existing Smartling customers? Contact us and we will help migrate your project to OneSky.

“We first used OneSky to translate our app description and were amazed by the quick turnaround. With their convenient solution, we’ll continue to use OneSky for future translations.”

Paul Mayne


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