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Freshdesk & OneSky Make Multilingual Knowledge Base Easy

onesky-freshdeskWhy are Freshdesk and OneSky joining forces?

The answer is simple, we want to make multilingual knowledge base easy for everyone.

OneSky, a fast growing translation management platform, and Freshdesk, a leading provider of customer support software in the SaaS market, have teamed up to bring multilingual knowledge base capabilities to more than 20,000 Freshdesk customers across the world.

The partnership promises to give help desks and support staff the ability to professionally translate their knowledge base articles on Freshdesk directly from OneSky platform, leveraging its own network of professional translators for 40+ languages and sophisticated quality assurance features.

The result is to make it easier to deliver global support, helping Freshdesk customers achieve their global ambitions.

QuizUp is the first pilot user to tap into the power of this new integration. Its knowledge base gets localized in 5 languages now so their international users can find answers to their problems in the language of their choice.

The integrated offering is now available to either Freshdesk or OneSky current and future customers. Generally, a knowledge base with a few thousand words can be translated into a new language in less than 10 days.

Here’s how it works.

OneSky Freshdesk Integration

Step 1: Creating a new translation project

To get started, admins simply log into OneSky, click the “New Project” button, and select the “Help Desk” project type.


Step 2: Connecting to Freshdesk

To connect with Freshdesk, you will have to provide your Freshdesk URL and API Key. The API key can be seen on the right of your Profile settings page in your Freshdesk helpdesk when you log in as an Administrator.


Then click the “Finish & Create Project” button at the end to finish the project creation process. After that, your knowledge base articles on Freshdesk will be automatically imported into the translation management platform. Depending on the size of your content, the importing procedure usually takes a few minutes only.

Step 3: Order professional translation

Once your knowledge base articles are imported into OneSky successfully, you are ready to place order for professional translation. Simply navigate to the newly created Freshdesk project page and click the “Order Translation” button. Generally speaking, most knowledge bases can be translated completely within 10 working days, with one translator being able to translate between 1,600 and 2,000 words a day.


Step 4: Export translated articles to Freshdesk

You will receive an email notification when your translation order is ready.

To export the translated content, go to the Freshdesk Export page on OneSky by clicking “Export Translation” on your Freshdesk project page. Here you can click the “Export” button to export all the localized articles to Freshdesk.


Step 5: Setting up multi-product support on Freshdesk

When you head over to Freshdesk, you can see the base language & translated version of the help desk articles on the “Solutions” page.


In order to have a dedicated support portal for each language, you need to set up multi-product support on Freshdesk.

Start by clicking on Multiple Products from the Admin tab.


Then turn configure a separate portal to on. Enter the new portal URL (e.g. and it’s language (e.g. French). Lastly, choose the right solutions category to match with the language of portal you are setting up.

That’s it! Your localized helpdesk portal should now be configured and ready for use.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Vincent Chan

Written by Vincent Chan

Vincent Chan is the Head of Product at OneSky, focused on making the best localization product possible.