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OneSky professional translation service: 50 languages & growing!

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We are happy to announce that with our recent addition of Bulgarian, Croatian, Persian (Farsi), Romanian and Ukrainian, our professional translation service now covers 50 languages in total! Below are some backgrounds of the 5 languages that we have added to our professional translation service coverage.   Bulgarian – According to an estimate, Bulgarian is spoken natively by over 10 million people and is mainly spoken in Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Albania, etc. Croatian – Croatian is the official

OneSky professional translation services: Over 45 Languages!


We are glad to announce that we recently added our 45th language to our language combinations for our professional translation services! The newly added language is Latvian, which is spoken by approximately 79% of the population of Latvia (source: wikipedia) and is among one of the 51 languages that Google Play supports. With the addition of Latvian, clients can now order professional translation services for 45 languages on OneSky. Languages supported by OneSky professional translation services Afrikaans Arabic Bengali Catalan

4 tips on how to prepare strings for localization

  You do not need to know many (or any) foreign languages in order to be a localization engineer. But you do need to know how you can prepare your strings better to facilitate the whole localization process. Below are four simple tips that could lead to a better translation quality while at the same time making both your life and translators’ lives better (I believe you wouldn’t want your inbox to be flooded with questions from translators or your

Upload Screenshots To Your Website & Mobile App

One tricky thing about website & mobile app translation is that it often involves translating strings that contain short phrases. If there aren’t enough context given to the translators, contextual translation errors often arise. For example, does “support” mean “support service” or “showing support like a fan”? Provide More Context by Attaching Screenshots OneSky’s translation management enables you to attach screenshots and tag them to specific phrases in order to provide more context for translators. For example, if the word

Glossary For Website or Mobile Apps Translation

Having a consistent glossary for website or mobile apps translation is important in ensuring everything you need translated is perfect. One important aspect in translation is the issue of consistency. Having multiple translations for the same term in different places on your websites or mobile apps would not only confuse users, but would make your websites or apps look unprofessional as well. This is particularly true if your project involves a large amount of words or is handled by multiple translators.

Placeholder Validation For Websites / Mobile Apps Translation

  Whenever I tell my friends that OneSky is specializing in mobile apps & website translation, they often ask me the same questions – “What are the difference between translating ordinary documents, websites or mobile apps? What does your company offers that are different from traditional agencies?” So in this blog post, I’m going to discuss one feature that a lot of our clients like about OneSky translation platform. It’s called “Placeholder Validation”. What is a Placeholder? Website or app

Facebook App Center Now Available Worldwide!

The Facebook App Center was first launched in the U.S.A in May this year. Since then, Facebook has been gradually rolling out their App Center to more countries. With the positive feedback from developers and users, Facebook announced yesterday that the App Center would now be available to all Facebook users worldwide. Boost Your Mobile Apps Download by Listing on Facebook App Center As mentioned in our previous blog post on Facebook App Center, the App Center is a good

Facebook App Center is Going Global

  According to Drew Hoskins on Facebook Developer Blog, the Facebook App Center will be launching in Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and Turkey and that they are “reviewing all high-quality apps and will prioritize those that submit translations by Friday, July 13, 2012.”  Facebook App Centre Can Drive Your Website’s Traffic and Mobile App Download! The App Center does not only include apps on Facebook. It also shows websites and mobile apps that use Facebook – whether your apps are

Bring it to the world: Atlassian

This is part of our series “Bring it to the world” which profiles websites and apps that offer localized versions to reach happy users from many parts of the world. Q&A with Nicholas Muldoon of Atlassian What does your company do? Atlassian makes tools that help great teams build great software. More than 22,000 companies use our issue tracking, collaboration and software development tools to work smarter and deliver quality results on time. How many languages does Atlassian support now?

Bring it to the world: Get Satisfaction

This is part of our series “Bring it to the world” which profiles websites and apps that offer localized versions to reach happy users from many parts of the world. Q&A with Andy Wibbels of Get Satisfaction What does your company do? Get Satisfaction is a simple way to build friendly online communities that enable productive conversations between companies and their customers. Currently more than 50,000 communities are powered by Get Satisfaction and we’ve got 5,500,000+ visitors per month! How many