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9 Strategies from Cisco’s Continuous Localization Expert


What does it take to introduce, then implement an entirely new localization strategy at the “number 1 IT company in the world”? This was the challenge that Cisco’s Internationalisation Architect and “Chief Localization Evangelist” Gary Lefman faced early 2015. He realized that nearly all of the development teams he worked with at Cisco had “gone agile”—they were all using the agile development methodology that is fast becoming the industry standard. So, faced with this daunting task, Gary got to work.

How to Grow a Business in 190 Markets: 4 Lessons from Airbnb

16 January 2017 Update: In 2015, we first published this case study on Airbnb’s global growth. Now, almost 2 years later, Airbnb is not slowing down anytime soon, with further expansions, acquisitions, and new products in 2016, including the much-hyped Airbnb Trips. With so much growth under its belt, we thought it’d be a good time to take another look at the tactics that first launched Airbnb to the world. We hope you enjoy the new Slideshare format and focus on

3 Things KPCB Internet Trends Report Tells You about the Global Web

KPCB’s annual Internet Trends Report is well known as what every online marketer should read. Let’s take a look at the fresh released report and see how the Internet just evolved. Internet continues to grow globally Internet started as a U.S. phenomenon in 1995 with just more than 35 million users. Almost twenty years later, there are now 2.8 billion Internet users around the world, while USA internet users only accounts for 10%. China, US and Japan are the biggest Internet

Gearing up for Web Localization? Five Must-See Presentations

Introduction For English speakers, it’s easy to pretend as if the internet is just a giant English-language playground, ruled by American companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. But that sense of dominance can be misleading. Only 28.6% of internet users are native English speakers. Major new markets—and major new internet companies—are growing around the world. There’s a huge demand for products that bridge language markets. The lesson here should be fairly obvious: every business with an online presence should at

How Adobe Achieved Double-Digit CTR Increase via International SEO

After learning about all the best tools for international SEO, you may ask yourself, “Is it really worth the extra time and effort to make it work?” In determining its worth, let’s look at a real-life example of successful international SEO marketing. With more than half of its revenue earned outside the U.S., Adobe Global SEO team has to manage 30+ domains, subdomains, & microsites, 1.8M pages, 10M keywords, 14K ad copy rotations and 1000+ landing pages everyday. It’s safe

8 Tools to Kickstart Your International SEO Mobile

Do you know that Google recently estimated that global mobile searches could exceed desktop search volume by the end of 2014? If you still consider mobile as a secondary international distribution channel, it is NOW the time to take it more seriously because it can significantly increase leads and revenue for your company. Well, some of you may argue that most of this growth mainly comes from developing regions, Asian countries (e.g. India, Japan, Korea…etc) and young people who prefer to use mobile devices rather than

OneSky professional translation service: 50 languages & growing!

go global

We are happy to announce that with our recent addition of Bulgarian, Croatian, Persian (Farsi), Romanian and Ukrainian, our professional translation service now covers 50 languages in total! Below are some backgrounds of the 5 languages that we have added to our professional translation service coverage.   Bulgarian – According to an estimate, Bulgarian is spoken natively by over 10 million people and is mainly spoken in Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Albania, etc. Croatian – Croatian is the official

OneSky professional translation services: Over 45 Languages!


We are glad to announce that we recently added our 45th language to our language combinations for our professional translation services! The newly added language is Latvian, which is spoken by approximately 79% of the population of Latvia (source: wikipedia) and is among one of the 51 languages that Google Play supports. With the addition of Latvian, clients can now order professional translation services for 45 languages on OneSky. Languages supported by OneSky professional translation services Afrikaans Arabic Bengali Catalan

4 tips on how to prepare strings for localization

  You do not need to know many (or any) foreign languages in order to be a localization engineer. But you do need to know how you can prepare your strings better to facilitate the whole localization process. Below are four simple tips that could lead to a better translation quality while at the same time making both your life and translators’ lives better (I believe you wouldn’t want your inbox to be flooded with questions from translators or your

Upload Screenshots To Your Website & Mobile App

One tricky thing about website & mobile app translation is that it often involves translating strings that contain short phrases. If there aren’t enough context given to the translators, contextual translation errors often arise. For example, does “support” mean “support service” or “showing support like a fan”? Provide More Context by Attaching Screenshots OneSky’s translation management enables you to attach screenshots and tag them to specific phrases in order to provide more context for translators. For example, if the word