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The Essentials to Game Localization in Brazil

Why does Brazil matter to game developers? The market is big and growing fast. Last year, Brazil’s gaming industry generated $1.4 billion in revenues making it the largest gaming market in Latin America, and the fifth largest in the world. Mobile games are especially popular and they take up the largest share of the digital games market with $606 million in revenues per year. And by 2015, estimated total revenue will be $2.4 billion dollars, a 71% increase. The numbers make sense

Why English-Speaking Countries Want Multilingual Apps

Let’s say you have an app that’s specifically designed for users in the USA, or the UK, or other countries where English is their primary language. Would you still need your app translated then? In an English-dominated market, translation is probably the furthest thing from your mind, so why would you need to translate an app into another language? Fair question. And the answer might be unexpected. Even if you never plan to go overseas, translation can open up important new markets

7 Facts You Should Know Before Marketing An App in Japan

Did you know that Japan has the world’s most lucrative app markets? This isn’t exactly a surprise, since Japan is constantly one step ahead in the world of technology. Recent reports from App Annie and Distimo has shown that Japan has led the world both in app spending and in profit margins on mobile games since 2013. Naturally, many app developers are keeping an eye on the Japanese market, but Japan is not an easy place for foreign players to establish a

What Are the Best Languages for Your App?

What Languages Should I Translate? You have a great app and you know by localizing that app will boost revenue and bring your product to consumers around the world. But where should you target first and which language should you start with? Those aren’t easy questions to answer. It’s been estimated that there are more than 120 languages in the world that have at least 10 million speakers. Among this enormous diversity, choosing the best languages in which to launch your

Lost in Translation: How an IKEA Toy Became a Political Symbol

A Toy by Any Other Name? Despite being known as a city of luxury goods shopping, we saw something unusual this Monday: shoppers scrambling to get their hands on an ordinary IKEA doll. It had all started with a bungled translation, and an act of political protest against Hong Kong’s unpopular government. The toy is called Lufsig, the Swedish word for “clumsy.” Based on the villainous wolf in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, Lufsig is being sold by

How Evernote Reached 4 Million Users in China Within 1 Year

Introduction It’s a million-dollar question: how can tech start-ups gain access to China’s huge market? That’s not an easy question to answer. China is culturally unique, and its Great Firewall, along with the rapid proliferation of cloned products, can trip up even the smartest companies. Google and Groupon are two notable examples of companies that have failed to establish a foothold in the Chinese market. Still, there are success stories. Take Evernote. After just one year in China, the popular

OneSky professional translation services: Over 45 Languages!


We are glad to announce that we recently added our 45th language to our language combinations for our professional translation services! The newly added language is Latvian, which is spoken by approximately 79% of the population of Latvia (source: wikipedia) and is among one of the 51 languages that Google Play supports. With the addition of Latvian, clients can now order professional translation services for 45 languages on OneSky. Languages supported by OneSky professional translation services Afrikaans Arabic Bengali Catalan

Amazon has begun its expansion of the Appstore in China

Amazon Appstore

In April, Amazon announced that its Appstore would expand internationally to support nearly 200 countries and developers can submit their apps for distribution in these countries to reach millions more active Amazon customers. And it looks like Amazon has begun this expansion in China already. You can visit Amazon’s China Appstore here. If you would like to distribute apps on the Amazon Appstore, simply sign up by visiting the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Portal. Wondering what apps are already utilizing

China overtakes U.S. to become the top smart device market

China - the top Android & iOS smartphones and tablets market in the world

According to the data released by Flurry, China has overtaken the U.S. to become the top smart device market (in terms of the number of active iOS and Android smart device, including both smartphones and tablets) in the world. In January 2013, the number of active iOS & Android smart devices were roughly the same in China (221 million) and the U.S. (222 million). But with the much faster growth rate in China, Flurry estimated that China would surpass the U.S.

China is the Fastest Growing iOS & Android Market

  According to a report released by Flurry, between October 2011 and October 2012, China experienced an impressive 293% growth in number of active devices in the country, making it the fastest growing iOS and Android market by active devices. Flurry predicted that with this impressive growth, China will overtake the U.S. by the end of 2013 Q1 to become the top country with the greatest number of active iOs and Android devices.       According to the Oct