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5 Global Marketing Strategies for Winning 3 Key APAC Holiday Campaigns (2016 Edition)

Wondering why your China-based clients and vendors aren’t returning your emails this whole week? Chances are, they might be one of the nearly 600 million Chinese traveling this first week of October for Golden Week, a week-long national holiday in China. That’s a 12% increase from last year and nearly half of the biggest population in the world. This is just one of the many holidays celebrated around the world that have significant impact on locals—including their spending behavior, both

7 Tips to Ace Your Mobile Game Launch in Thailand


This blog post is part of our “Where to Go” series, featuring market-specific insights and tips to help you launch in trending markets around the world. Interested in launching in another popular country in the region? Check out our other guides to localizing in Southeast Asia: India, Indonesia, Vietnam. If you’re thinking of expanding globally in 2016, Thailand should be high on your list. With greater smartphone accessibility and usage in recent years, Southeast Asia has been on every mobile

How Game Translation Caused a Pokémon Protest (And How to Avoid It in the Future)

In Hong Kong this May, around 20 protesters marched to the Consulate-General of Japan to rally against Pikachu’s name change. Yes, you read that right. Pikachu. As in, the Pokémon. The name change of a Pokémon caused a group of Hongkongers to protest at the Japanese consulate. What happened here? You might think it’s another funny meme about the recently released game Pokemon Go — but believe it or not, this is an actual news item. It’s actually also a great lesson

The 22 Freshest Stats & Graphs for the Global App Markets

You wouldn’t buy a car without looking up some stats….and that’s just a couple tons of glass and metal. When it comes to the global app market, you’re going to be thinking in billions–of dollars, of people, of downloads. So you should probably have some numbers ready. As you go about crafting your perfect global strategy, it’s helpful to be aware of the most up-to-date information about the mobile market. Luckily, we’ve gone ahead and collected that data for you. Here are

Everything You Need to Know about Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Mobile Gaming Market

  When we say, “best tech markets in East Asia” what do you think? The answer seem obvious, at least if you look at the numbers. China. Japan. Korea. And it’s true: these definitely are the biggest tech markets in the region. But bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. These markets are huge, but they also come with huge market barriers. So, we have two other answers to throw in: Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although they’re smaller markets, they still offer

What You Need to Know About App Distribution in East Asia

Looking Eastward There are as many as 1.5 billion smartphone users in East Asia. For app developers, the question is no longer Should I try to gain a foothold in Asia? The question is How do I reach those 1.5 BILLION PEOPLE with smartphones? A big part of that equation is mastering East Asia’s diverse distribution channels. These channels provide access to the market, but they form an ecosystem that’s unfamiliar to most Western developers. In this post, we’ll give

What No One Tells You About Vietnam’s Mobile Game Market

Everyone knows about Flappy Bird, the number one iOS app in more than 100 countries. The addictive, animated game is the brainchild of Dong Nguyen, a young Vietnamese developer based in the country’s capital, Hanoi. Nguyen recently pulled the game from the market, but it’s still clearing $50,000 in profits each day. There aren’t many games in the world like Flappy Bird. But its success is not entirely a fluke. Vietnam has a vibrant mobile gaming scene—one that’s often ignored by Western

France Is M-Commerce’s Next Frontier And Here’s How You Can Crack It

France – the next m-commerce frontier The world is migrating toward smartphones. As it does so, more and more retailers are trying to figure out how to drive mobile commerce. Those considerations don’t just apply in English-speaking countries, of course. Some of the most promising markets for m-commerce are countries with huge retail sectors and underutilized m-commerce channels. Which brings us to France. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the promising m-commerce future of one of the world’s most

Here’s Why Mobile Game Devs Have to Consider South Korea

South Korea is Gamer Central There’s nowhere in the world that’s quite as wired as South Korea. The country has a cutting-edge wireless infrastructure, a strong economy, and one of the largest app markets in the world. It also has some of the most passionate gamer communities on earth. For mobile game developers, South Korean is a double-edged sword. The competition is fierce. But the market potential is enormous. In this post, we’ll share the information you need to navigate

A Five-Minute Guide to Indonesia’s Mobile Game Market

Indonesia is a hidden gem. Why is everyone ignoring Indonesia? When mobile game developers think about Asian markets, they tend to focus on China, Japan, and South Korea. That makes sense: those countries have lots of gamers, and competitive app markets. But Indonesia is the hidden gem of the Asian mobile gaming industry. The country has more than 250 million people (it’s the fourth most populous country in the world), and a booming app market. In this post, we’ll show